Stop Smoking, Start Repairing Your Body – Great Posters for the Staff Noticeboard

Apparently 40% of US culinary workers smoke – twice the US average. It’s likely to be just as high in other western countries, so we’ve got a third-world size problem on our hands.

This Australian poster is currently having lots of exposure, and combines hope, fear and the promise of a better life. Why not download it for the noticeboard – there’s a male version and a female version. It might help one more person to give up…

Doh0043 Tobacco Print M 1

More about this campaign, and lots more health and safety posters to print and display.


  1. Salahuddin Ahammed says

    This advertisement open my mind and help me to stop smoking, within 3days I haven’t touch any Cigaratte and feeling good than before…………..
    Thanks to Ken Burgin and all supporter of the advertising. Please pray for me as i can give up smoking forever.

  2. Ken Burgin says

    Great work – I’m sure you will be successful and life will change for the better… Ken

  3. says

    I like this poster because it’s postive, while all the same time pointing out the risks that smoking brings. Most stop-smoking posters are incredibly depressing.

  4. Danish Jawed says

    Well, Thanks ken in the first place. This is the 3rd day not touching the cigg. Feeling better . Trying to have some possitve to add in my cart via web and to gain more confidence and strength to keep this on.


  5. Robert Byrne says

    I saw this poster last week for the first time of Facebook, and it really caught my attention. I have been a smoker for almost fifty years and I quit five days ago..cold turkey. I have several packs of nic. gum and oral sprays etc. but have not needed them, yet.
    I quit making my morning pot of coffee as that was one of my first triggers to have a cigarette in the morning. Also, cut out any beer ( for now) until I am confident that I can have a drink without the need to light up.
    I wish I had seen this poster 20 years ago. I only hope that it’s not too late to see some of the benefits. Getting ready now to start to go on long walks every day.
    Thank you and good luck to all who wish to become free of cigarettes

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