Checked your Spam Folder lately? You should…

Some span can be funny – nice to meet you Mr Ray Ban and a ‘hellow dear friend’ from Mrs Florence Walker. I appreciate your interest, Gonzalez Lottl. One Tip for a Tiny Belly sounds tempting, and great to know that the Bank of Bahamas has upgraded my account. BNN Financial has emailed more than 200 times so it must be important. Sigh…

Unfortunately, you DO need to check in your Spam folder/waste pit almost every day, because real messages you need to see from real people get tipped in there by mistake. I use Google Apps and the spam filter is generally excellent, but occasionally good emails are dumped in with the bad. Marking it ‘not spam’ usually fixes it for the future, but it still needs a regular check. So put on the rubber gloves and check now – there may be some genuinely good news.


Can You Sell Like This and Silence Steve Martin?

I love this scene from Father of the Bride – Steve Martin tells his wife and daughter ‘leave it to me – I’m better at negotiating’. He’s not counting on the formidable Frank, the wedding planner.

Watch the details – the way the surroundings do so much of the selling, plus the picture album with cakes that ‘cost as much as a car’! How do your sales people and sales collateral compare? #justsaying

Podcast 98: Who’s Who in the Entertainment Industry – What Club & Bar Managers Need to Know

From venue bookers to agents, and all types of managers. Producers, promoters, publicists and ‘friends of the band’ – there’s a whole cast of characters behind the singer, comedian or musicians you want performing at your venue.

headphonesRed80In this podcast Ken Burgin talks with Chris Keeble, who has a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry. Chris helps us understand ‘who’s who in the zoo’ and how to get the best results with the least stress. She’s undertaken most of the roles, and also writes shows – there’s no better person to be our guide! You can find Chris online at her website and Linkedin.

Check the Profitable Functions & Entertainment Manager – CD & Manual – all together in one package.

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Creating More Openness to Improve Productivity [video]

How can we get people more engaged, more productive, and happier at work? Compare the openness and frankness of social media communication, with the stitched-up and closed ways restaurant owners, managers and staff share ideas about business development, problem-solving and change – what a contrast!

In this short, interesting video, Dave Coplin thinks about what could be possible if teams started to really communicate differently. It could be in a private Facebook Group, or on a private project management website like Asana or TeamworkPM – wherever ideas can be shared openly for all the team to see. Exciting, and very different…

Podcast 97: How to Use Facebook Competitions to Grow Sales

A lot has changed for businesses using Facebook – it’s no longer a free ride. Just having people ‘like’ a Facebook Page won’t guarantee that fans will see your news and updates. For that to happen, you need much more compelling content. Competitions are a great way to spark up interest, and have always been a part of hospitality marketing – now you can drive them through Facebook as well.

facebookCircle80In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Nathan Latka, the CEO of Heyo, a company that helps you create Facebook contests, promotions and deals. It’s the service we use at Profitable Hospitality because it’s super-easy to set up and it gets results. Not only can you put attractive, mobile-friendly campaigns together, but you’ll stay on the right side of Facebook’s strict rules about competitions. Nathan explains the 6 elements of a popular promotion, and what type of prizes give the best success rate – sign up for Heyo’s free 7 day trial and give it a spin!

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Podcast 96: 20 Lessons from Smart Cafe & Restaurant Operators

A change of pace in this interview – Ken Burgin is talking to another industry podcaster, Eric Cacciatore from Restaurant Unstoppable. He’s a young industry gun who’s hungry to find out how new and seasoned operators are handling social media and marketing, staff management, cost control, technology, innovation and competition. It’s no surprise that cacciatore means ‘hunter’ in Italian!

headphonesRed80We covered these topics and more, with Eric sharing from the experience of his interview guests and the ‘knowledge bombs’ they throw his way! I was interviewed by Eric a few months back for his Restaurant Unstoppable Podcast, and now he’s returning the favour for Profitable Hospitality – I hope you enjoy the show!

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Podcast 95: How to Negotiate With Landlords and Business Owners

Negotiation is part of everyday life – we’re always having to work out deals with family members, staff and suppliers. Occasionally there are BIG deals that need to be agreed upon – the sale or purchase price of a business, details of a bank loan, or the lease terms with a landlord. Many of the same negotation skills apply, but the risks are much higher.

podcastlogoblue80In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Peter Panagiotopoulos, the Cafe Lawyer. Peter works primarily with foodservice businesses, helping them to buy, sell and work out leases. He’s seen plenty of successful negotiations, and some that haven’t worked out so well. Offers, counter-offers, concessions, brokers, lawyers, timing, respect, cultural issues and the right way to communicate – there’s a lot we cover in this *conversation. Peter was also interviewed in Podcast 11 on How to Maximise the Resale Value of a Cafe or Restaurant – you can find him at his website and on Twitter.

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*Note: The information in this podcast is not intended to be and must not be relied upon as legal advice.


Humans need not apply, even for basic restaurant work?

This video has a challenging message, but what it highlights is already well underway. It’s saying to us humans ‘you are not that special… and you’ve become too expensive!’.

In every way they can, large operators are replacing local staff with an offshore worker or a machine. Small operators follow a few years later, relieved to get rid of staff problems and the misery of unfillable job vacancies.

What does this mean for daily operations?

  • The iPad kiosk is ‘good enough’  (and faster) for ordering in a quick service restaurant or fast food
  • Bookings are often more reliable when done via a web service
  • Coffee from automated machines that grind to exact specifications is ‘good enough’ for most people
  • The person who takes a phone inquiry or drive-through order doesn’t have to be on the premises
  • Automatic re-ordering based on par levels and sales means less late-night stress, and more accuracy
  • Queue management and table allocation can be more efficient when handled by computerised systems
  • Many restaurants are already just heating up food from factories where automation is the norm
  • Many of the first stages of recruitment can be done by applicants using their mobile phone – filling out forms, eligibility checks, interview timing etc. So much time can be saved here!
  • Staff find online rostering and shift requests much quicker and easier than the old ways
  • Online training can be more interesting and available than what’s delivered by an overworked manager
  • People have happily embraced self-checkout at supermarkets – why not at a restaurant or take-away?
  • What other examples have you seen, or would you like?!

Automation doesn’t have to be perfect, just better than what’s being done now. Often that’s not hard! And what does this mean for the education your kids are undertaking, and their future career?